Jakarta JungleHouse

” In Writing the New Story, we do not have to be limited by the Old”


We believe that people powered grassroots movements is the key solution to systemic issues. Our project focuses on building network strength, forming deeper relationships and encouraging ‘glocal’ solutions, using art, community and sharing (within the framework of a temporary space) to help us meet the challenges we face as a global and local community

The JungleHouse Collective has set up many independent Community-Art Spaces in the past, and this year we are in Jakarta, Indonesia to make a new Artivism project. For ten days, the Jakarta JungleHouse will bring together a mixture of people who will learn and share creative techniques that we can use in creating campaigns and actions, we will learn more about the UN Climate Summit (being held in Poland at the same time as this project) and about how youth engages with this climate Summit, and we will look at local and regional solutions (the ‘Glocal’ approach)

If it seems a little out-of-the-ordinary, thats because it is!

This unique learning experience will bring together artists, activists and active citizens interested in the themes of Climate Change and Justice – for a series of workshops, info-sharing sessions and hands-on experience

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What: A Pop-up Community Artspace that brings together regional representatives from artistic and activist backgrounds, to share a House as a pop-up artivist collective for 10 days, working with themes and threads that extend through the entire program.The closing event will be a public exhibition of the works( images, objects, writing, performance) created in this timeframe

When: Between December 7 and 16, our program will run in alignment with the Climate Summit in Poland (see context below). We will keep in touch with the UN event, remaining committed to local context and relevance. There will be a mix of closed and open events, run through the day and will include some fun and informative night sessions. Our program is being finalized, you will find it HERE.

Why: We need something new, beyond the profit over people model, including concepts like circular economies, degrowth and de-coupling from the fossil fuel lobby groups’ influence. We encourage the idea of establishing a number of these self organizing ‘CoSchool’ globally whenever their is a big conference like the COP24 (see context below). This is how we believe we can converge and converse on regional/local levels, while keeping the larger global patterns in mind

Where: Omah WulangrehSeni,Budaya,Sejarah & Spiritual
Sekolah di luar sekolah, menghadirkan kekunoan dalam kekinian.
Jl. Pejaten Barat No.16D Jaksel, Jakarta

Who: If you are concerned about the environment and wish to use your creative powers to help the cause for Climate Justice, if you are an activist who wishes to connect more with art and creativity to enhance your work, if your work means you are deeply connected to what happens at the COP, but will be unable to attend the Poland conference, or if you are working in the arts or activism and feel that working with regional partners can help you be more effective….

….Plus you believe that we all need to apply ourselves to fresh and innovative new solutions, and is open to experimenting, living and learning together for 10 days this December…..

This could be for you!

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● For this event, we can only offer to English speaking people
We recommend you to follow the full 10Day program, but we understand this might be difficult for your schedule. It is also possible to just attend some days of it.
● We will all share accommodation to build strength in the group
● In order to write the new story, we will pursue the new. Participants should be excited about this
● Participants can also apply to present a workshop or share a skill
● This project will suit people who see value in creating regional solutions to systemic problems
● We wish for this to be a free and open event, and are still seeking funding to cover all costs.

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Please explore this blog further to discover more

Check out the ParallelProcess (this time a Co-School) we will host during the ten days

Find the  objectives,outlines and the methodology we employ during the 10 days

Check out this page for an idea on how the current program might look like

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Context – UNFCCC Climate Summit COP24 – Poland 

December 3-14 in Poland, the UNFCCC will host the COP24 Climate Summit. During this time, a lot of global attention will be on how to execute the ideals and parameters of the Paris Agreement (COP21), and how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). There is a heightened urgency as the IPCC released in recent weeks their report which urges ‘drastic and unprecedented action’ to stay within the target of 1.5 degrees and not the 2 degrees that the Paris Agreement revolves around.

These UN conferences are convergences of power, where we can gather to influence our delegations and countries to make dramatic changes to deal with Climate Change. Global South, indigenous and womens’ voices are among the marginalised entities in these spaces, and yet we travel there and often get left out in the cold. 

To find a constructive way to address this, without giving our power away, this project is creating a model for creating regional nodes or meeting spaces, where we can gather with our community and neighbours and create and collaborate to start something new that makes sense to us.